Editor's Heart for December 2021

"And the LORD said, “Here is a place by Me, and you shall stand on the rock. So it shall be, while My glory passes by, that I will put you in the cleft of the rock, and will cover you with My hand while I pass by."

~ Exodus 33:21-22 (NKJV)

Such a moving and powerful account... Moses asks the Lord, "Show me Your glory." And the Lord tells Moses, basically, you can't see My face and live. So He makes a concession to Moses, who (Numbers 12:3) is called the meekest/most humble man on earth at that time. He says (my paraphrase), "OK, Moses. I know you are seeking Me, but you don't really understand what you're asking. So I can't give you what you're asking. But here's what I will do: I'll put you in a place beside Me... a safe place in the cleft of this rock... and I'll pass before you and cover you with my hand so the sheer weight of the glory of My presence doesn't kill you. And I'll let you peek out and see just the tail end of My glory as I pass." WOW!

I can understand Moses' desire. How many times have I (and many of you) cried out, "Lord, I just want to see You!" We long for His presence to fill our sanctuaries... we hunger for His glory to consume our corporate gatherings and our private times of worship... yet we don't realize what we are asking. His presence will not cohabitate with our fleshly, carnal natures. His glory will not consume us when we are not set apart, consecrated to Him. Mercifully, He draws us into the place beside Him, when our hearts seek him sincerely but we are asking for more than we can handle. He reveals Himself to us in ways that are just a glimpse of His fullness, but to our human minds and senses are so overwhelming! I realize that God is speaking very literally when He tells Moses, "No man shall see me and live." But I believe that on another level, the more we die to self... the more our flesh is crucified... the more the life of Christ is lived out through us and in us, the more of God we may see!
Lord, keep me in that place beside You where You cover me with Your hand!


If you would like to accompany us on an Outreach OR if you would like us to help you with an Outreach you have in mind, contact Evangelist Nissa Manry by phone at 225-200-0166 or by email at for information.

Servant's Heart Outreach

The first responders outreaches are continuing, now reaching out to law enforcement departments. Please pray for this leg of the journey, as reaching out to police departments and sheriff's offices presents a bit of a challenge. These men and women perform vital services in the community; yet because of current sentiments, many departments have had to limit civilian access to their facilities. We are believing God to make a way for us to minister to them during the challenging times. Please pray with us that not only can we gain acess, but that we can also reap a harvest for the Kingdom of God in our city's law enforcement agencies!

A praise report: The Thanksgiving meal for the veterans was well received! We've made a wonderful contact there and may even be able to find other ways to be involved there. Please pray for the staff and veterans of this facility.

The God's Jinglers "adopt a child" Christmas outreach has grown! We started out with 5 children, but now there are 9 children from 4 single-parent homes that we are blessing this Christmas! We welcome any and all to contribute to this worthy cause. See the flyer below for full details. Give us a call to find out how to donate the physical items - books, games, toys, etc.

Homeless ministries are ongoing. Jesus said that the poor will always be with us. And it is our responsibility to reach out to those in need. We are always accepting donations of food, clothing, personal hygiene items, blankets, coats, backpacks... you know the drill! If you want to donate, reach out to find out what is needed and how to get it to us! You can call (225) 523-4769. You can email us at You can hit us up on Facebook. We are NOT hard to reach!

To donate finances...
ALL cash donations go directly into supplying the outreaches or other ministry events. There are no salaries or personal expenses paid to any Breathe L.I.F.E. team members.
AdoptAKid flyer

Stay Tuned...

Breathe L.I.F.E. is very excited to announce... the Repentance Call mission trips will resume in January of 2022! First trip will go forth to Arkansas... tune it to the January newsletter for full details! We have some other very exciting things coming soon. Tune in on the website, on Facebook, in the newsletter! Don't miss out!

Administrative Information

Breathe L.I.F.E. is 501(c)3 organization nonprofit organization. All gifts are tax deductible Thank you for your prayers and support!

Our prayer list:
7-10 passenger van
1 or 2 gathering style outdoor tents (like big tops)
50-75 folding chairs
Sound equipment - mainly portable speakers and wireless microphones/headsets
Trailer to pull behind our van
Industrial fans
Outside lighting equipment
Folding tables for displays, food, etc.

Nissa's Breathe of Scentsy VIP Group:
Breathe L.I.F.E. staff members are now promoting and selling Scentsy products to fund the ministry. All proceeds from sales go directly to Breathe L.I.F.E. Check us out at Get beautiful fragrances to enhance your home, car, and other personal spaces and promote the spread of the fragrance of Christ in our world at the same time!

Intercessors needed! Email for more information.

Contact Information:

For additional information - how to donate, how to get involved, etc.
Phone: (225) 523-4769 or Email: